Remote Engine Starter - Gen II

Function Introduction:

ROCTEC RES Series is a high-tech mobile phone control product. As long as the vehicle has a network signal connection, it can remote-start the vehicle engine through the RES APP, run the air conditioner in advance, pre-cool the interior air in summer and warm in winter inside your car, and comfort the interior environment. 

In addition, the owner can know the car situation at any time through the Intellectual control APP, and check the information of the inside/outside temperature, cruising range, battery voltage and door lock status at any time. When the vehicle encounters illegal entry, the APP will promptly issue an alarm to the owner as a mobile smart bodyguard.

Original Screen Upgrade System

Operation System: Android 6.0

Core Chipset: Allwiner T3

APPS: Online Google Map/ Google Play/ Anghami/ Chrome and more……

Licensed Offline and online MAP: Perfect for long distance travel abroad

Mirror Link: Connect Android phone and show information on car screen when driving

360AVM: Around View Monitoring when packing and passing through narrow road

Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi/ Voice Recognition (Customized)

Backup Sensor with Backup Track/ 2USB Input/ AUX/ TV

Language: Multiple (including Arabic voice navigation)

Special Capacitive Touch screen for Lexus models.

Wireless Charger(car specific)


Adopt original car interior style and make it looks original fitted and convenient to install; 

Intelligent protection of power supply management, safe and reliable;

Instant charge once puting down your phone without wire connection.


Standard Applied: WPC QI1.2

 Voltagge Input: DC 9-16V 

Max. Power Output: 10W 

Max. Current: 1.5A 

Charging Efficiency: >75%

Charging Frequency: 110KHz-205KHz 

Working Temprature: -20℃-+70℃ 

QTY of Coil: 3

Keyless Intellectual Entry system

Car Seat Conditioner (CSAC)

Smart Tailgate(STL)

Atmosphere lighting(AL)

Installation Position of Optical Fiber and Light Modules


The optical Fiber is suggested to be installed along with the gap between different trim panels as above highlighted in orange color. The light modules can be installed underneath and should be paralleled with the optical fiber, avoiding angle bending or brightness or colors could be uneven.

ROCTEC Atmosphere Lighting employs quality LED Light source and ultra bright MMA optical fiber with three stable voltage and stable current driven circuits, guaranteeing LED light source exceeding 100k hours live time, avoiding damage from the unstable start up voltage. It has small light reduction and the reduction rate after 1k hours continuous usage is 0.03%.

ROCTEC AL applies OE standard MCU and BT connection to mobile phone, intelligently managing every single light modules’ color and brightness adjustment, with over voltage/ current inspection and protection and control memory.

ROCTEC AL applies Q shaped PU tube and can be installed in any gaps inside the car conve- niently.

ROCTEC AL applies APP control on phone, simply scan the QR code and download the APP from iTunes or Android store. All function setting can be memorized after ACC off.

Visual Air Detector and Purifier

Electric Backrest Support and massagers(EBS)