About Roctec

Roctec company Introduction

mission and vision

Roctec’s mission is to provide advanced environmental friendly solution of in-car electronics and mechatronics products to global automotive industry. A healthy and comfortable car life is the target we are pursuing.

our Team

Roctec team is a group of people who have passion and commit themselves to the automotive life.

Core Member       Industrial Experience

CEO & Overseas Marketing Director                       > 10 years

China Marketing Product Director                          > 17 years

Engineering Director( Software & Circuit)             > 14 years

Engineering Director( Mechanical Structure)       > 13 years

Project Manager             > 10 years


Sustainable innovation is the gene inside Roctec’s blood, every year we at least launch 2 new product lines based on health and comfortable idea during in-car daily life.

Advanced Testing Lab Center to Guarantee Quality

Our production facility includes country-level testing lab for all safety and transportation tests such as over-charging, over-discharging, crush, impact, high-low temperature vibration, dust, moisture, drop test, forced discharge short-circuit…